Restauracion Med

MEDGUARD project aims to examine and demonstrate the feasibility and economic viability of the reorientation of fishing vessels for scrapping to fishing different activities, such as tourism, litter and lost nets collection, biological and oceanographic monitoring, etc. The main idea is to reorient the crew of these vessels to other professional activities within the maritime sector to prevent go out of business after being retired ship. The boat will be used in this project is the “Ciudad de Cartagena” which was removed from fishing in 2014.

The project is part of the “Guardians of the Sea” initiative of the DG MARE / 2014/24 and has a budget of € 282,592, of which € 226,074 will be funded by the EU. The project duration is one year, from August 2015 until August 2016 and will be coordinated by the Naval Technology Centre and the Sea (CTN), which will work in collaboration with the Integrated Vocational Training Centre Hesperides (CIFP. Hespérides) and the Spanish Federation of Employers of the Sea (IVEAEMPA).

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