The MEDGUARD project is implemented by a consortium of 3 entities with a wide experience in the promotion of innovative initiatives in the marine-maritime sector (CTN), in profesional training in the maritime fishing area, (CIFP Hesperides), and in fishing diversification, (IVEAEMPA).

  • CTN (Asociación Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar)
    • Coordinator: Noelia Ortegalogo ctn
    • Contacto: Fuensanta Riquelme
    • Phone:+34 968 197521
    • Fax: +34 968 197516
    • E-mail:
    • Web:


  • CIFP Hespérides (Centro Integrado de Formación Logo CIFPProfesional Hespérides).


  • IVEAEMPA (Federación Española Empresarios del Mar) 

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