End of campaigns of the MEDGuard project

On the 8th of June, the last campaign of the MEDGuard Project was carried out: lost fishing gears collection.
Now all the data gathered in the campaigns will be analyzed in order to examine and demonstrate the feasibility and economic viability of carrying out substitute activities to fishing in reassigned fishing vessels.


Last campaign of the MEDGuard project

The last campaign of the MEDGuard Project was carried out on the 8th of July of 2016. In this campaign, lost fishing gears were collected using a positioning device.


Pilot campaign of lost fishing gears collection

On the 6th of July of 2016 the vessel Ciudad de Cartagena was used to carry out a pilot campaign of lost fishing gears collection. A four hooks anchor device was tested in a depth of 70 meters in a muddy area.

Touristic tour in the coast of Cartagena

Touristic campaign on the 29th of June of 2016 passing by military base, Escombreras and the port of Cartagena. 13 passengers had the opportunity to enjoy this experience.



Marine litter collection in the Regional Park Puntas de Calnegre-Cabo Cope

Double campaign of floating marine litter collection in the Regional Park of Puntas de Calnegre-Cabo Cope. The campaign was carried out during 16 hours, 11 hours on the 23th and 5 hours on the 24th of June.

Collecting floating waste with a trawl

The last 31st of May took place a campaign in order to get to know the viability of the usage of pelagic seine nets on board of the “Ciudad de Cartagena” for the removal of floating debris.




Emergency drill on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”

Last 26th of May Project MEDGuard, with the collaboration of the Navy, carried out a campaign to evaluate the response of the emergency services in case of an incident on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”.

Extracurricular activity on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”

Students of the aquaculture training cycle have been on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena” and have visited aquaculture facilities.

The MEDGuard Project in the Closing Ceremony of the European Maritime Day

Last Friday 20th of May, an open doors day was held to visit the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”. This vessel is being used in the MEDGuard Project, which aims to study the viability of using reassigned vessel in other activities than fishing.

That day the closing ceremony of the European Maritime Day was held and the MEDGuard Project presented to the press. During the week of the 16th of May, with reason of the Maritime European Day, CTN has organized different activities, some of them on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena” such as talks about the fishing arts and fishing tradition of the area, cetaceans sighting, sailing knots workshops and tourist tours along the coast of Cartagena, during which, fish farms were visited.


More photo here.

Open Doors Day to visit the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”

On the 20th of May, an open doors day will be held on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena” in the port of Cartagena. Visitors will be able to visit the interior of the authentic fishing boat from 10:00 am.


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The MEDGuard Project in the European Maritime  Day

Throughout this week (from 16 to 20 May), the Marine Technology Center (CTN) will organize different activities in Cartagena to celebrate the “European Maritime Day”. Some of these activities such as cetaceans sighting and sailing knots workshops will be carried out on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”. In all the activities visitors will be informed about the European Maritime Day and the MEDGuard Project.


Deployment operation of a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) for the realization of bathymetries of the sea bottom.

The campaigns continue!!!

From February 4 to today the MEDGuard project have carried out 20 of the 38 campaigns planned. The aim of campaigns were to collect data about the following activities: scientific monitoring, tourism (recreational fishing and diving) and marine litter collection. At the end of the 38 campaigns all the data gathered will be analyzed to determine the technical and economic feasibility of these activities in reassigned fishing boats.

Waste capaign. Viability

Tourism campaign in which sport fishing has been included under the modality of chambel.

Campaigns kick-off


Beginning of the campaigns

On the 4th of February 4 the first of the 38 campaigns on board of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”. These activities aim to study the economic and technical feasibility of the activities proposed by the entrepreneurs as an alternative to commercial fishing.


End of the reshuffle of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena”

The vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena” is ready to carry out the scheduled campaigns in the MEDGuard Project, aiming to study the technical and economic viability of the reassignation of fishing vessels into activities other than fishing.





barco noelia
Result of the last MEDGuard Project meeting

In the meeting held on the 11th of December CTN and IVEAEMPA analyzed the Canvas developed by the MEDGuard Project entrepreneurs. The business plan of each of the ideas will be developed taking into account this analysis and will be announced in the next meeting.

II Entrepreneurship workshop

The second conference of entrepreneurship is the continuation of the one celebrated the 20/11/2015. The group of participants formed by fishermen and fisher students of the CIFP. Hespérides, they have developed CANVAS models, SWOT analysis and Business Plans. The results have been analysed later that day.


MEDGuard Project meeting: Canvas and DAFO analysis to develop business plans

The next MEDGuard Project meeting will be held at the CIFP Hesperides headquarters on the 11th December. The aim of this meeting is to develop business plans for the ideas proposed by the entrepreneurs that participate in the Project.

I Entrepreneurship workshop

Today took place an entrepreneurship conference in which was required the presence/participation of fishermen and students of the CIFP. Hespérides, along with the personalities related to this sector, in order to determine how to carry out the activities other than fishing by means of the vessel “Ciudad de Cartagena” as the testing platform.


Foto grupo


Meeting of MEDGUARD Project: Economic viability studies using the CANVAS METHOS

Next Friday, 20th November, the second meeting of MEDGUARD project will be held at CTN headquarters. The aim of this meeting will be to study the economic feasibility of the ideas arising at the meeting using the CANVAS method
MEDGuard Project release meeting in Cartagena


Today will take place in Cartagena the release meeting of the MEDGuard Project of reassignation of fishing vessels and their crew into activities other than fishing. The aim of this meeting is to establish a collaborative atmosphere between partners, to reach consensus over the technical and economic details of the project, to check the current status of the project, to schedule the following meetings and to establish the expected developments of the project for each meeting.

Kick-off Meetieng of MEDGuard Project

Next 20th of  October the first meeting of the Project MEDGuard will be held and the tasks that each partner of the consortium has in the project will be clarified.
All the partners of the project (CTN, CIFP. Hesperides and IVEAEMPA) will attend .


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